Dusting it off, 3 years later…

Hello readers!

I know it’s been over three years since I last posted on this blog. That’s mostly because I haven’t been fuckin’ truckin. Since moving to New Orleans, I’ve spent probably less than 2 months out of state, mostly back in Santa Cruz and a little bit in Austin. I’ve checked out Pensacola and Pittsburgh, too, but I’ve been pretty sedentary; I lived in the very same house for almost 3 full years.

My experiences have been less about traveling in space and more about traveling in time. I’ve gone through several jobs, one master’s degree and one boyfriend; I recently moved into my very own place. I’ve written a lot and learned a lot and eaten a LOT and made a whole new community, people who I consider to be practically family. I’ve gotten into swimming. I’ve acclimated to the fabulous Cajun diet. I’m growing a real vinyl collection. I’ve learned how to make all kinds of killer cocktails, and how to hold a conversation with pretty much anybody.

I love this city. I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

Except for this road trip in a little under a month!

I’m taking about 3 weeks off work (I bartend at a Hilton property) to traverse the Southeast-to-Southwest with my little sister, Yasi, who is in the middle of her own epic truckin’ journey. Ben, my ex, who was featured in this blog so recently but who I hadn’t seen since until this past week, is also traveling the country; he hasn’t had an apartment of his own since June.

I am blessed to know such adventurous souls. I’m not sure I am one, right now. I love having my own space, my records, my books, my paintings on the walls.

But I’m looking forward to doing another little tour of America.

So stay tuned!